Monday Mayhem - #28 ~ It's All About Mom

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to Monday Mayhem. This meme is for people who just wanna have fun on a Monday. Last week Mayhem was All About You so today’s Monday Mayhem is It's All About Mom. Since Mother's Day was yesterday, Mayhem hopes that all you Mom's out there had a great Mother's Day. You can answer the questions any way you want to. Be sure to check out the other participants.

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1. How old is your Mom? If she has passed away, how old would she be?

2. What is/was your Moms worst habit?

3. What famous person does/did your Mom resemble (a picture of that famous person would be nice)?

4. What would be one meal that you would love for your Mom to cook for you right now?

5. Was your Mom a Stay at Home Mom or did she have to go to a work/job (and yes, Mayhem understands and knows that being a Stay at Home Mom is work/job) when you were growing up?

6. If you could change one thing about your Mom what would it be?

7. Did you ever make your mom cry? if so, explain.

8. Have you ever told a lie to your Mom to protect yourself or someone else? If yes, have you come clean and told your Mom the truth?

9. What is the one thing that you most admire about your Mom?

10. In 10 words or less, describe your Mom.

Thanks for playing this week. Mayhem will catch you on the flip side next week.

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