Are ya ticked off?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to yet another week of Monday Mayhem.
This week's meme is the ticked off meme.
For each of the prompts below, simple mention what ticked you off within the past week. If you can't think of anything from the past week that did tick you off, mention what would have ticked you off. Got it?

Have fun!

1. What ticked you off last week while you were on your way somewhere?

2. Who in your house really ticked you off and how did they do it?

3. What politician or political event really ticked you off last week?

4. Tell us what ticked you off on TV last week.

5. What ticked you off online last week?

6. What celebrity ticked you off last week and how?

7. Tell us something food related that really ticked you off.

Thank's for playing!
Try NOT to have a ticked off day :)

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