Keep or Regift...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have all received well-meaning and not so well-meaning gifts. Sometimes, we got them because someone thought we could really use them and then other times we get a gift because it was a great deal and someone was in a hurry.

  • You have received the ugliest sweater ever made. What do you do with it?

  • Your aunt Mabel gave you a $25 gift card to coffee joint that is far away from your home. Do you regift it?

  • Your sister in law sent you a gift card to a store that isn't in your town or online. What do you do with it?

  • What is the oddest gift you have ever received from someone?

  • What did you do with it?

  • Did you ever wear a sweater, or something else, that was given to you just because of the person who gave it to you and not because you liked it?

  • What was the best gift you got this holiday season?

  • What was the 'most regiftable' gift you received this year?

  • Did you keep anything that you had actually purchased with the intent of giving it to someone else?

  • If you could give me one gift, what would it be?

  • What is the one gift that I can give to you?

Thanks for playing! We will see you next year!

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